History & Mission

The Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender and Community (BRI) was founded in 2002 to promote community-based programs and research that inform the prevention of, and intervention in, gender-related oppressions. DePaul University faculty and students work with community members to affect social change through social policy, advocacy and community development. The Initiative has benefited from the ongoing support of the William and Irene Beck Foundation and the Steans Center for Community-Based Service Learning, and has developed, funded and implemented several successful community-based projects since its inception.

The Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender and Community seeks to:

  • Prevent and intervene in gender-related oppressions
  • Document, collect, and make public the contributions of individuals whose lives reflect previously untold experiences and unrecorded resilience
  • Engage the community by strengthening and expanding partnerships with individuals and organizations committed to social justice and the eradication of gender-related oppressions
  • Further integrate a participatory action research model into course-based curricula at DePaul University

Research projects collaborate with:

  • Teens in changing urban neighborhoods
  • Low-income families
  • Programs supporting domestic violence survivors
  • Programs to address and prevent relationship violence
  • Working class women
  • LGBTQ Latina activists
  • Restorative and transformative justice projects
  • Community accountability activists