BRI Research Agenda

Since 2002 the Beck Research Initiative has developed, funded and implemented several  successful community-based projects. Each of these projects spurs the development of a curriculum that seeks to educate students in varied research processes. We strive to take students from content to methods and from academics to the world of community engagement and grass-roots organizing.

Our overall research agenda is to promote multidisciplinary collaborative study in the areas of gender, oppression, and resilience, providing opportunities for mutually reinforcing synergies between research, teaching, and community engagement. BRI projects are aimed at working with community members to bring about social change through research that addresses social policy, advocacy, and community development. Toward these ends each research project is directed by a full-time faculty member who collaborates with student researchers to guide their partnership with members of community organizations and institutions. Additionally, we have developed a course-based research model that develops curricula to educate students in varied research processes, provides opportunities to participate in ongoing research projects, and integrates those experiences with contextual course content.