Alma Internships

Categories Immigration / Refugees, LGBTIA / Queer, Youth
Job Information

Mission: To fight for the rights of the Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning community by advocating for fairness and equality, and affirming Latino LGBTQ culture.

Internship Overview

Alma has internship availability in areas such as (1) Programming (2) Youth Engagement (3) Marketing-Social Media (4) Social Policy/Advocacy (5) Development/Fundraising

(Internship responsibilities will be curated around students interests and learning objectives)

LGBTQ Immigration Work: ALMA helped establish the LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Coalition along with different LGBTQ and Immigrant Rights organizations. The Coalition serves to educate, and advocate for an inclusive comprehensive immigration reform that protects and is sensitive to the needs of the LGBTQ immigrant community.

Hearts and Minds Initiative: ALMA is committed to working to transform communities to accept and celebrate the LGBTQ Latino experience. We will continue building relationships with other Latina/o agencies, and allies, to educate and empower individuals and families to feel safe and proud of their identities in their homes and communities.

Leadership Development: By connecting with national and local opportunities we strive to develop leadership in our community to help move the Latino/a LGBTQ agenda forward. ALMA also focuses on programs that foster this type of growth in youth while at the same time uniting our current Latino LGBTQ community leaders.

Scholarships: ALMA awards scholarships to provide some financial assistance to outstanding Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning youth leaders to attend the annual Creating Change conference.

Creating Change: Creating Change is the largest LGBT conference in the country, with about 4,000 participants from all across the country. Last year there were over 390 workshops, training sessions, meetings and events — that range from different issues. Participants learn about different issues, practice and learn new tools to bring back to their communities and implement change.


Potential Internship Responsibilities
  • Developing curriculum to support ‘family acceptance’ programs. Curriculum supports family acceptance of LGBTQ family members
  • Supporting the facilitation of focus/support groups
  • Facilitating development of youth led community service projects
  • Curating content and facilitating social media platforms
  • Policy research
  • Supporting development of advocacy campaigns
  • Supporting donor cultivation and fundraising events